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Private Equity

As a full service broker providing insurance for private investment firms, we develop and place cost-effective, relevant insurance and risk management solutions.  We understand that bottom-line savings contribute to the growth of EBITDA.  We focus on the protection of assets, facilitation and ease of transaction activities, and continued execution of sound strategies for future acquisition and divestiture.  We offer pre- and post-acquisition due diligence, technical advice, placement of traditional and tailored coverages, and interact daily with portfolio companies.  In short, we add value from day-one through the comprehensive management of insurance programs for the private equity firm and its portfolio companies.

Our collaborative approach has proven to be successful in solving the toughest of unexpected challenges that can arise during an M&A transaction.  Often, insurance is not the best technique for dealing with risk financing issues; therefore, we examine alternatives before resorting to buying insurance.  When we do purchase insurance, we negotiate aggressively and effectively on behalf of our clients.  Our deep understanding of the insurance market coupled with a commercial sensibility and sense of urgency, gives our clients a consistent edge in obtaining cost-effective coverage and services.

While maintaining complete confidentiality, we use transferable knowledge and past deal experience to inform our thinking.  Our business process extends from an initial due diligence analysis of a potential portfolio company’s risk and protection through the placement of standard or specialized coverage such as environmental coverage, reps and warranties placement, or international medical.

For more information or  inquire about our Private Equity Practice please contact:

John Moccia