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Automobile, Classic/Collector Cars & Motorcycles

Not all automobile insurance is the same.  There can be a difference in price between standard and premium insurers, but that’s the only difference some people see.  You have to look closely at the differences and decide if you value the additional features.

What Features Do We Look for in an Automobile Policy?

Agreed Value Coverage: With Agreed Value coverage, you agree what your car is worth when your policy is written. Then, if your car is stolen or totaled, you’re get a check for the agreed amount, no questions asked.  This could save you $10,000, $20,000 or more at the time of a covered loss.

Choice of Repair Shop: Many standard companies strongly suggest that you fix your car at one of their “network” shops, but you ought to have a choice of where to repair your car.

Rental Car Reimbursement: Need to rent a car because yours is out of service following an accident? Rental Car Reimbursement Coverage pays more than nine times as much as most ordinary insurance and enables you to rent a car like the one you own.  Premium insurers offer coverage to $5,500, with no per-day limit.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts: Many insurers won’t pay the cost of OEM parts. We know that when you need your car repaired, you will want it fixed properly the first time.

High Coverage Limits for Liability and Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists (UM/UIM) Coverage: Your auto insurance can be a strong line of defense in the event of an accident or a lawsuit. For it to work, you need high limits of both auto liability and UM/UIM coverage.  Premium insurers offer high liability limits options, up to $10 million in auto liability and $1 million in UM/UIM protection.

Worldwide Rental Car Coverage: Standard insurers limit rental car coverage to the U.S. and Canada. Your coverage ought to cover damage to a rental car anywhere in the world.

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