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///Jewelry, Fine Arts, Silverware, Wine & Collectibles
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Jewelry, Fine Arts, Silverware, Wine & Collectibles

Known as a valuable articles policy, it is the preferred method for insuring any personal items of value due to limitations in homeowners policies.  These limitations can include mysterious disappearance, breakage or lost or stolen items.

Advantages of a Valuable Articles Policy:

  • Your possessions are insured anywhere in the world … whether it’s the golf clubs you bring on vacation or the bicycle you ride through Europe.
  • There is no deductible to pay and no deduction for depreciation.
  • The value of each article is determined up-front and itemized on your policy.  That means you’ll get 100 percent
    of this amount in a cash settlement for a covered total loss vs. having to establish value at the time of a loss and possibly being “nickle and dimed” by an insurance company.

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