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New York State Disability Insurance Benefits

What is the coverage?

New York State Disability Insurance is state-mandated coverage that pays benefits to a worker who has become disabled off the job. Illness, injuries and pregnancy are conditions that entitle a worker to monetary benefits designed to replace some lost wages. The disabled worker must apply to receive benefits and have documentation of a medical condition from a licensed physician.

Eligibility Requirements

An employer is required to provide disability insurance under New York State law if employing at least one person for 30 days out of the year and is referred to as a “covered employer.” An employer that does not employ workers for more than 30 days per year can elect to provide voluntary coverage but is not required to by law, as per the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board.

The employee must have worked for a covered employer for at least four weeks prior to the disability unless the employee was working and covered by another employer prior to taking the current job. The disability coverage transfers and was immediately effective the first day of work for the new employer.

Premiums and Benefit Amounts

The cost of the disability insurance premium can be shared by the employee, but the employer can only recover one-half of one percent of the employee’s wages and is limited to a maximum of sixty cents per week, according to the New York State Workers Compensation Board.

An employee receives 50 percent of his average weekly pay as of 2010, but only up to the maximum benefit allowed, which is $170 per week. Disability benefits checks are processed every two weeks.


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